Scam alerts and warning

I have a question but didn’t see its answer here. What should I do?

We constantly add new questions and answers to this section based on users’ feedback. So please, send us your question via this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for considering CheckYourself Online Reputation Management Services.

There are companies who offered me packages, promising superb online reputation management. Why don’t you have that?

Every case is different, every strategy defined is unique. Some cases involve family members, some involve businesses, some involve legal issues, some all of the above. 

We highly recommend you stay away from anyone guaranteeing you results if you purchase their gold package. You can easily find yourself in a situation where you threw away money only to find out that the company used a template solution to temporarily cure your situation - a boomerang effect waiting to happen. 

Should I be after quantity or quality? As I have seen companies offer either…

Many offer big meaningless numbers built into packages. For example: pay $3k for 500 blog posts or $7k for 1,000. Again, this is a robotic approach which puts you in the spam world. 

We urge you to be very cautious with such offers! 

We take the very accurate and tailored approach – this is the only approach which works long term. We'll work closely with you to understand the severity of the problem and take the necessary means to resolve. 

Contact us for a free assessment of your online reputation.

There was a company who promised me permanent results. How can I be sure?

As the saying goes, "the only thing guaranteed in life is death and taxes". 

Online reputation management deals with moving targets. For example, search engines are constantly changing their artificial intelligence algorithms, website page ranks constantly change, new content is being added online, old content may be gaining popularity, Google crawl time is 3-4 months, and the list of variables goes on and on. 

Can you promise me you will erase any bad content about me or can you guarantee negative search result will disappear from the search results?

There is no way to erase web pages or links unless you own the content. The only available option is to push or suppress negative links past the point of visibility - typically past page three of any leading search engine. The only way to achieve results is by perseverance, long term dedication, and constant tweaking. 

If you have a negative search result problem, call us toll-free 1 (866) 225-1080 for a free consultation.

I saw another company for online reputation management which is way cheaper and does things automatically. Is this a legitimate company?

While we cannot say if a company is effective, we can advise you to stay away from Robotics and Automation. 

Many companies offer or use tools which automatically create hundreds or thousands of links on various forums or registered sites. This is a huge problem with a very negative effect. 

This creates a short term boost of the pages until the search engine algorithm detects the relationships. At that point the search engine removes the links and your attempt gets internally blacklisted as a search engine spammer.