I am being blackmailed, isn't there an international cyber-crime organization or something?

If your case is an isolated one, where you know and have evidence of someone or organization that is intentionally blackmailing you, then Yes. There are local as well as global initiatives by known organizations such as the FBI and Interpol and you can contact them for help. (Good Luck!) 

Someone wrote a false rip-off report / fake iReport / fake blog article about us. How can this be stopped?

Unfortunately, it can't. Once something negative has been put online, search engines will find it. Search Engines are just tools designed to search for information on the web. Search Engines are NOT truth verification services. Luckily, we know how search engines find and display their results, and can help you keep negative reviews out of sight.

Can these same techniques be used to blacklist competition or push competition out of sight?

Absolutely, this has been going on for years. Digital corporate war happens all the time in many shapes and forms. Techniques which boost links to the front pages of search engines also can reduce a competing site's visibility. Search engine corporations are not in the truth verification business rather in the search result business, and some techniques can dance the line between "white hat" and "black hat". For example, you can Google the following keywords: 

What happens 15+ months down the road if I stop service and don't keep on top of things?

It depends on the case, but a possibility ALWAYS exists that a new article or link will pop up somewhere and climb to the front pages of the search engines. Old articles can do the same thing if search engines make changes that alter their visibility. This is why we recommend continued reputation maintenance.

What guarantees do you give me about my online reputation management?

The truth of the matter is there is no silver bullet solution, no magic pill, no guarantees, and you should be extremely cautious of anyone who tells you otherwise. 

If you have a negative SEO problem or fake rip-off report, it will never "completely" go away. BUT, we have proven methods of moving the problem "out of sight". 

I didn’t know I can have control of what Google says about me. How do you suppress search results?

We use over 30 proven techniques to push the negative publications away from the organic search results located on the first pages of Google and other leading Search Engines. The idea is to achieve greater visibility for other custom created media which will climb in search result position while suppressing the negative results.

What is Negative Search Engine Optimization and Results Suppression Service?

Negative SEO and Results Suppression is about managing possibly negative online mentions of you or your company. We use specially developed techniques to push such content far from the front page of Google (and other Search Engines) so a client’s first look at you after a search is only positive. Please take a look at our Services page for details, or call toll-free: 1 (866) 225-1080 for a free consultation.

What does CheckYourself ORM services include?

Our services include Web Monitoring, Background Checks, Customer Reviews, DUI Mugshot Removal, Bad Content Suppression, Corporate Reputation Visibility, Privacy Protection, and Negative SEO Management. For a wider understanding of our services, please take a look at our Services page.

I am not sure if I have an online reputation to manage. How do I know if I need your services?

Whether aware of it or not, you have an online reputation. In many cases, this reputation is built over time and without your complete control. It is a combination of not only your own experiences, but of family members, companies you may have worked for, companies you may have owned, companies you may no longer own, current and former clients, product recalls, and other past ventures you wish to erase.  

What does Online Reputation Management Services mean?

Online Reputation Management is the handling and oversight of one’s appearance online. That is, any article, blog, news report, or comment regarding you or your company. An Online Reputation Management Service is an agency that takes an in depth look at your reputation and works to hide undesirable listings on an ongoing basis.